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Website Design Made Easy

We know how to build websites that work for your business goals.

We do more than just design websites – we build professional, functional web presences that easily communicate your business values and help turn your website visitors into leads and inquiries. Every decision we make with your web design is done to help you grow your bottom line.

Our number one priority is establishing your priorities – and building a working plan to support those goals and objectives. We can advise you on the type of website and design you need. We work with industry standard technologies like WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more. We’re experts with HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

Web Designer vs. Web Developer: What is the Difference?

Web designers are graphic designers who specialize in creating graphics and layouts for the web. Web developers are programmers who take designs and turn them into functional websites and web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web programming languages.

There can be overlap between these roles; for instance, a web designer may have basic programming skills or may use drag-and-drop plugins, themes, or page builders (like Divi, Elementor, WP Page Bakery, and more) to build a website. Conversely, some web developers may do a bit of design while coding a custom website. The two disciplines go hand-in-hand and we believe great projects result from the combined expertise of both web designers and web developers, together.

At Red Ear,¬†we’re both web designers and web developers. We have a talented team who can help make your project a reality by combining industry best-practices and current methodologies and technologies. We’re fluent in programming languages like PHP and JavaScript and we’re wizards with HTML and CSS. We are highly competent web developers in the WordPress platform and we can build you a custom WordPress website that helps present your brand and connect you to your potential clients, customers, or end-users.

Managed Website Hosting

We offer fast, fully-managed web hosting to clients of our website build service. This hosting includes:

As a web development company, hosting is important to us as its where our hard work lives once a project is done.

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