Red Ear Media remains open for business. All of our staff are working from home and are accessible by email, text or phone. #STAYHOME

Website Design & Google Ads Marketing

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What We Do

We’re small, driven, and multi-talented. Through discussions with business owners, management, and other key stakeholders, we help you determine what you need to help drive leads and grow your online presence.

We work with budgets of all sizes to help get you what you need in a website or online shop. We manage SEM/PPC and Google Ads accounts.

Finally, if your marketing plan calls for new creative, we’ve got experience with: photography, graphic design, print design, video production, and radio/voiceovers!

Red Ear Media repackaged ‘big agency’ expertise so that we can deliver it to small and medium-sized businesses – this means that you can meet your budget, continue to grow, and be comfortable knowing we’ve got your back now and in the future.

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