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We build websites, but did you know we also offer hosting for WordPress websites?

We offer fast, fully-managed web hosting to clients of our website build service. This hosting includes:

  • Regular updates to WordPress software and plugins
  • Wordfence security plugin
  • Periodic website and database backups
  • Restoration services from hacks and/or outages
  • Canadian-based servers

As a web design company, hosting is important to us as its where our hard work lives once a project is done.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

There are two general types of web hosting available these days – managed and unmanaged hosting. What’s the difference? We’ll break it down below.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed hosting is when the web hosting business takes an active role in the actual maintenance of your website. In our case, hosted sites are primarily built using the WordPress platform.

Here are some of the things we do as part of our managed hosting offering:

  • Routine website backups
    • This is useful if something fails, if something gets hacked, or if the website has issues of another nature
  • WordPress software updates
    • This allows timely updates that will often fix bugs and patch security vulnerabilities discovered in previous versions
  • Plugin software updates
    • Similar to the above, any plugins (add-on software) for your WordPress website will have its own separate bug fixes, feature enhancements/additions, and security patches
  • Rollbacks if software updates cause problems
    • Was there an issue with a plugin or WordPress core software update that has affected your site? Being able to rollback to a previous version mitigates downtime (how much time your website may be unavailable)
  • Uptime monitoring
    • Alerts can be sent out if a website becomes unavailable

Managed hosting offers a lot of administrative and security benefits to help minimize any potential losses or downtime in the event of website issues.

Unmanaged Web Hosting

As you may have already guessed, unmanaged hosting is when the web hosting provider offers zero administration of your website. Although unmanaged hosting plans can be cheaper, owners of WordPress websites in unmanaged hosting plans are often left with several unpleasant realities:

  • No routine backups
    • This becomes a major issue if your website is hacked or otherwise goes down – if there is no “known good” copy that can be restored, your site may be offline until a security expert or web developer can schedule you in to try and fix the issue
  • No security or monitoring of the website
    • It’s fully up to you or your clients to find out if your website has suddenly gone offline, been hacked, or has otherwise stopped working as expected
  • No updates to WordPress
    • Not only will you miss out on new features, but you won’t have the benefit of any security patches and bug fixes
  • No updates to plugins
    • Same as above; you’re not going to get newer add-on features, bug fixes, or security updates
  • No rollbacks
    • So what happens if something bad does happen?

There are ways that savvy WordPress website administrators can mitigate some of this. But for the majority of businesses and organizations, knowing that a team like Red Ear Media is in place means less time spent on your website and more time spent on your goals.

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