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AdWords For Your Business

We run Google AdWords campaigns for clients of varying sizes and we’d be happy to do the same for you. We’re affordable and we have years of experience. We’ve also got the Google seal of approval (actually, it’s called “Google Partner” status, but we like “seal of approval” too). Want to know a bit more about AdWords and what it’s all about? Check out our writeup below!

Google AdWords & PPC Marketing

Find people where they’re trying to find you: search engines. Google AdWords (a form of Pay-Per-Click advertising often referred to as PPC) is Search Engine Marketing for the masses. Gone are the days where only the biggest players could advertise on a global scale; with AdWords we’re able to reach clients on a broad or targeted scale – the choice is ours.

AdWords gives us the opportunity to put ads in search results. This means that when a potential customer searches for keywords relating to your brand or industry (for example: “plumbers near me” or “thick wool socks”) we’re able to circumvent the organic search results and land an ad near the top of the results page. The beauty is in the details: when our ads are shown, we don’t pay automatically. We only pay when a user likes our ad enough to click on it, hence: pay-per-click.

This form of advertising represents a whole new paradigm for marketers. Rather than paying just to be shown, we only pay when users demonstrate an interest in our ads and click through to your website or click-to-call from their mobile phones.

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