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We’re a professional Google Ads management agency in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We manage Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and social media ad campaigns for clients of a variety of sizes. We’re professional search engine marketers who take pride in the results we help our Google Ads clients achieve.

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What Does a Google Ads Agency Do?

It’s simple – we help you optimize your Google Ads campaign and overall Google Ads account structure to help you get the best return on investment with your paid advertising. As a third-party Google Partner, we’re experts in helping clients create effective Google Ads using targeted keyword research and ad groups.

Don’t yet have a Google Ads account? That’s okay, too! We can help set up your first paid search and PPC campaigns. With a little bit of info from you, your dedicated account manager will take care of everything.

As a Google Ads agency, we manage ad spend, track ad campaign performance, identify keywords, and make sure your Google Ads perform well in the search results. We also send a detailed report every month so you can see what your advertising budget is doing for you.

Google Ads management services can be incredibly important as improved quality score and account optimizations can mean lower cost-per-click (CPC) charges for you. Lower CPC means increased clicks for your budget and potentially a lower cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale.

Let Red Ear Media help you use Google Ads to drive traffic and grow your business.


Who Do We Work With?

Our team of search marketing professionals works with businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. Let us help you take your paid search marketing to the next level and leverage Google Ads to further your business goals with Search, Display, Video, and Remarketing campaigns.

Trades and Service-Based Businesses

Find potential customers as soon as they need your services. We’ve helped countless trades and service-based businesses drive traffic to their websites and landing pages. We know how to turn a search into a visit to your website. Targeted Google Ads can work wonders for trades and service-based businesses.

Small Businesses

Are you looking to generate leads or make sales with your ecommerce business? Our in-house team can make sure that your advertising dollars are spent on the things that matter most to you – the traffic that will help you grow your business.

Larger Corporate Clients

The highly competitive keywords your customers use to find you will benefit from a Google Partner agency who knows how to do proper keyword research and manage ad spend for larger budgets. Maximize your paid search results on the Google Search and Google Display network with our search engine marketing team.

Industry Organizations

Do you have a mandate from your membership to help promote their interests and your industry at large? A search engine marketing strategy by Red Ear Media can help your industry visibility, thereby boosting the overall visibility of your membership and any important content that exists online for the public and your key stakeholders.


If you’re an NFP with revenue or fundraising goals, a search engine marketing campaign can drive quality traffic to your landing pages or website. A well run Google Ads campaign can boost your online marketing efforts with increased traffic to an event or fundraising opportunity.

Educational Institutions

Create top of mind awareness with Google Display or social media advertising. Be found when students are in the research phase, then be there when they’re looking to apply. Educational institutions (post-secondary universities, colleges, and private educational institutions) can benefit from targeted search engine marketing efforts. Take your Google Ads campaign to the next level with our paid search professionals.


Our Commitment

No Long Term Contracts

We don’t force lengthy service contracts on our clients. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing services.

If you choose to end your service agreement with Red Ear Media, you will retain full ownership and access to your Google Ads accounts.

Account Spend and Billing Management

When we create your account (or take over your existing account), we will set you up as a billing administrator. This means that your business information and your credit card will be set up directly with Google. You’ll see every charge on your card for your actual ad spend. We invoice you separately for our search engine marketing services. Transparency is a big part of who we are.

Why Hire A Google Ads Management Agency?

If you already run Google Ads in-house, then you likely pay Google directly for your advertising costs and make account choices yourself. For businesses who have dedicated staff or an owner who has spent the time studying Google Ads management, this may work well. For most businesses, outsourcing their paid digital marketing to Google Ads agencies is worth looking into.

Conversion Tracking

Because we’re also web designers and developers, we can easily install conversion tracking to help you determine if your keyword strategy and audience targeting is leading to actions you’d consider valuable. These might include lead form submissions, online sales, newsletter signups, or clicks on a phone link. In the industry, we call these actions “conversions” and they’re a very valuable metric when gauging how well your ads work.

Keyword Research and Quality Score

Part of our team’s job is to continuously monitor for keywords that will directly impact your account performance. Google Ads management is more than just account creation – it’s about finding relevant keywords that have commercial intent – meaning searches people make that are likely very well suited to the goals of your business or organization. Similarly, negative keywords can help keep your cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale lower by making sure that your Google Ads are showing when we want them to. This facet of Google Ads management should not be overlooked – ongoing keyword research into the most relevant keywords can impact your actual revenue.

Quality score is a measure of a few things:

  • The quality of your keywords and the quality of your ad copy
    • Are you bidding on keywords that actually appear in the ad text?
  • The quality of your website experience (landing page experience)
    • Is your landing page promising what your ad is offering? Do keywords match and is the commercial intent the same on your page as it was in your ads?
  • Expected click-through rate
    • If the keyword you’re bidding on is irrelevant or very low in search volume, the expected click-through-rate is likely to be low

A Google Partner In Your Corner

Ultimately, Google Ads agencies have one job: to improve your digital marketing with effective Google Ads management and monitoring of your account performance and advertising budget.

Red Ear Media offers complementary services such as custom website design that is effective at converting PPC traffic. We also offer SEO services, as both SEO and SEM can make a potent digital marketing combination.

With Red Ear Media’s managed digital ad campaigns, our team will request access to your Google Ads account and monitor, administer, and update your Google Ads campaigns in an ongoing manner.

Well-managed and optimized Google Ads campaigns can be an effective lead generator for many types of businesses. Inquire today to see if your business can benefit from Red Ear’s digital advertising experience.

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Google Ads – A Deeper Dive

How Does Keyword Research Work?

Using the Google Ads keyword planner as well as other industry tools, we’re able to identify keywords for two purposes: finding relevant keywords and, equally importantly, using negative keywords. Negative keywords are phrases which may seem related to your business, but which we don’t want your ad to show for. If you’re selling sprockets, we don’t want your ad to show up for someone looking for “sprocket making jobs” – that is, unless you’re also hiring!

What Is The Ad Auction?

The ad auction works by comparing a user’s search with the keywords that are in your ad group and text ads. Google’s goal is to send you relevant traffic and also to ensure that the user on the other end is finding value with their search terms. Google determines whether your bid price for an ad, combined with the quality score of your keywords and ad copy, meets or exceeds that of any other competitors during the ad auction. This all occurs in a fraction of a second.

Text based ads are then ranked and served in descending order on the search results page. If a user finds your ad engaging and they click it, that’s when you are charged.

What Are Certified Google Partners?

Google Partners are third-party agencies and marketers, like ourselves, who have gone through the Google Partner application and studies process. This badge is awarded to companies who maintain a high standard of optimization within existing client accounts, who manage a minimum monthly spend across all client accounts, and who are proficient in 1 or more Google Ads networks.

The threshold for optimization score is 70%. At Red Ear Media, our optimization score across all accounts is often in the high 90s!

Monthly spend is the cumulative budget of all clients in our manager account. We have clients with modest budgets and clients with large budgets. Many principles remain the same; the competition in your industry and the size of your service area play a big role in determining budget.

What Are The Various Google Ads Networks?

Google Ads is comprised largely of the following four networks:

Google Search (Formerly Google AdWords)

This is the network everyone pictures when they think of Google Ads. It’s search engine marketing at its oldest – paid search marketing at the top of Google’s search engine results pages. Type a keyword into Google, and you’ll likely see at least one Google Ad above the organic search results. These PPC campaigns are what we mean we refer to the Google Search network.

Google Display

Google Display ad campaigns are designed to serve visually-oriented ads (banner ads, basic animations, etc.) across Google’s vast network of websites, apps, and other Google-owned services such as YouTube and Gmail.

Within Google Display, we can work to try and place your ads on websites whose topics are well aligned with you and your target audience. In some cases, we can even specify exact websites on which we’d like your Google Ad to be shown.

Video Ads / YouTube

Search Engine Marketing now includes YouTube video ads. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google search? Our Google Ads management services also include the ability to run a Google Ads campaign on YouTube as pre-roll videos, in-stream videos, or sponsored video search results.

Leverage your existing video creative with a video-based search engine marketing campaign.

Google Shopping

If you run an ecommerce site, you may want to look into a Google Shopping campaign. Search engine marketing within Google Ads now offers the ability to automatically include a feed of relevant products and pricing depending on the user’s search query.

What Is Remarketing / Retargeting?

Remarketing (also known as retargeting) allows us to track visitors from your website who have not yet become leads or made purchases. From there, we can use the Google Display network to show ads to those individuals encouraging them to come back. Statistics have shown that remarketing ads on the Display network perform better than the average Google Display ad.

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