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Search Engine Marketing
and Google Ads Management

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Google Ads and PPC/SEM Account Management

Effective, lead-generating ad campaigns

We run Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaigns for clients of all sizes. We’re Google Partners, professional Search Engine Marketers, and we provide great customer service and reporting. We’ll manage your Google Ads account to produce more leads with effective, best-practice PPC strategies, optimized Google Ads campaign management, and more.

Don’t overpay for your pay-per-click keyword searches. Let our team maximize your return on investment with your advertising dollars.

We’ll save you money

Bold statement, right? However, in almost all cases we’re able to save clients real money by planning and running the most optimized accounts possible. Time and time again, we’ve seen what happens when people manage their own PPC or Google Ads accounts – a lot of wasted spend and untracked leads & sales. Get back to doing what you do best and trust the professionals at Red Ear to run your digital ad account.

For the same reason you wouldn’t try to fix a leaky pipe or wiring issue in your own office, don’t run a search engine marketing campaign without consulting the pros – contact us today to find out more about our managed Google Ads and SEM/PPC offerings!

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